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West Stars Medical LLC. Company was established in 2020 pandemic process with its expert staff and it started off with NovyMask, a principled and determined global company in the health sector. It started production in this tough time of the world with the goal of being with almost all of civilization with its medical masks and other products with its long-term expertise and experienced, expert team in the battle against the covid-19 virus.west stars medkal binası

West Stars Medical LLC. Company aims to be the best producer of the medical masks with its facilities and the investment it has made. This facility established by the company is above the desired European standards and produces in a completely hygienic environment.

West Stars Medical LLC has undertaken the mission based on the human health. In this sense, it will be able to export 7 million medical masks and other goods within its capacity, per day to all countries in the world.

As West Medical LLC we are proud to be beside all humanity with the guidance of National Ministry of Health and World Health Organization and we work with all of our power in these challenging process